A board game is any game played with a premarked surface, with counters or pieces that are moved across the board. Simple board games are often seen as ideal "family entertainment" as they can provide entertainment for all ages. Some board games, such as chess, have intense strategic value and have become lasting classics .


Conquest Cup 2010

Writer: Andrew Godde
System: Blood Bowl

LRB 6 6 game progression tournament using 1 mil gp starting teams. Will have NAF approval and hopefully you will be able to sign up and receive dice on the day. NAF membership is not a requirement however. Players pack will be on Ausbowl from February at the latest.

Sponsorship: RollJordan Miniatures, Melbourne Blood Bowl League, Ausbowl at, Tackle Zone Radio, The Nuffle Amorical Football association @

Adult Content: PG
Characterisation: NA
Genre Knowledge: NA
Rules Knowledge: 2
Seriousness: 2


Writer: Trevor Smith
System: Doom Boardgame
Players: 6

Somethings wrong here. You dont trust the others that arrived in the evac zone they're all twitchy and paranoid. The guy on your left is looking at you funny.

You've figured it out, the demons have infected them they're out to kill you. There's only one thing to do get them first.

This year Doom is not as nice as before this year its frag battle and you and the other players are out to get each other.

So watch your back, keep your ammo counter up and your armour on. Good Luck.

Adult Content: PG
Characterisation: NA
Genre Knowledge: 1
Rules Knowledge: 0
Seriousness: 1

Writer: Trevor Smith
System: Heroquest board game
Players: 4

In the long ago year of 1989 a game appeared that began gaming for a large number of people. It was called Heroquest, a boardgame about four adventurers from the warhammer world searching crypts and dungeons to destroy the allies and minions of the chaos wizard Morcar.

On the 20th anniversary of this game come and play it again or experience it for the first time.

Adult Content:
Characterisation: NA
Genre Knowledge: 0
Rules Knowledge: 0
Seriousness: NA

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?...


Writer: Bryce Bannon
System: Roborally

Welcome to the factory. In the far future industry is performed by robots and overseen by computers. The computers are proud to present their greatest new achievement... an automated defence system to protect against malfunctioning equipment and industrial sabotage. May we present to you 'SUPERBOT' um may we present 'SUPERBOT' . "We appear to be having some technical problems, please hold on"


"err we are going to have to cancel today's unveiling"

"SECURITY BREACH IN SECTORS 17, 18, 19, 24, 27"

"Nothing to worry about i can assure you"

Superbot has gone rogue and its your job to stop him. So ready your program cards and sharpen those logic skills as we are going in.

There will be 3 sessions, you can come to as many or as few as you like. Friday and Saturday will be qualifying rounds, with the top scorers qualifying for the top table on Sunday for the final.

If anybody has a copy of the game and would like to bring it along that would be greatly appreciated.

Any questions or comments please let me know at

Adult Content: G
Characterisation: NA – I’m a robot
Genre Knowledge: NA - You are a robot
Rules Knowledge: NA - We can teach you... to be a robot
Seriousness: NA - If you are reading this you obviously did not read the lines above