Cosplay at Conquest
Organizer: Jim Vinton

Cosplay comes to Conquest.
Come along and be part of the first Cosplay Comp to be held at Conquest. Where you will enter into the chance to win one of the 3 prize packs on offer.

Come along and show us just how skilled your are with your costuming talents. Individuals and teams welcome.

The Final prize packs and judging panel is to be announced closer to the convention.
Please also bring a picture of the character you are portraying, or drawing your inspiration from. So our judges can compare.

Adult Content: PG
Characterisation: NA - But it might help carry the costume effect
Genre Knowledge: NA
Rules Knowledge: NA
Seriousness: 1

Shattered Worlds!

Writer: Random Jones
System: Systemless
Players: 30

The world has shattered...

Make that, the worlds have shattered. Universes no longer are separate entities, but now instead rub each other, cross and merge and break apart again with no rhyme nor reason.

Life itself is dying.

Perhaps a solution can be found. Perhaps there is a way for the worlds to once again be made separate. Perhaps Life can be saved.

A gathering of individuals. Some heroes, some villains, some just notable persons from their world that was. All trying to save their very existence.


Shattered Worlds! is a systemless Cosplay Roleplaying event. Players choose their own characters and must costume accordingly. If possible, please alert the game organiser of the universe and character you wish to play in advance, so appropriate plots can be worked into the game for the character.

Adult Content: M
Characterisation: 5 - Vital
Genre Knowledge: 5
Rules Knowledge: NA - All rules provided
Seriousness: 3